About Dr. Chatelain

cropped-elise-chatelain_head-cropped-e1557523227210.jpgDr. Elise Chatelain is a tutor, mentor, writer, and editor with over fifteen years of experience in the U.S. university system. She offers in-depth, insider knowledge of what it takes for academic and professional success alongside a caring, personalized approach.

She currently runs Dismantle Magazine with co-founder, colleague, and best friend Sara T. Bernstein. With this publication, the two aim to bring critical fashion and cultural studies to a broad audience; build bridges between academic and public scholarship; foster emerging voices through in-depth editing and support; and build educational materials that can bring the magic of cultural studies to classrooms, workshops, reading groups, workplaces and communities.

Dr. Chatelain is available for hire as a tutor, mentor, editor and coach. When she works with her clients, she develops a specialized plan to help them reach their goals–whether these be a university scholarship, getting into graduate school, honing a dissertation, or perfecting a resume.

As a teacher, her method is to focus on guiding students to become independent and confident learners. She tailors strategies and lessons to a client’s needs and then develops engaging, supportive sessions that allow them to establish long-term connections with the material. While she provides homework help and teaches test-taking skills, she is more than a tutor. She is a full-service academic mentor offering an insider’s perspective to guide the client in identifying and achieving their goals.

As an editor and professional coach, she works mainly with academics to help them develop their writing. From her experience editing at Dismantle Magazine, she is especially skilled in supporting scholars as they translate their specialized knowledge to a broader audience. Twice a year she and Sara Bernstein offer the online course Your Public Voice to offer community, workshopping space, and insider knowledge to help scholars make the transition to other forms of writing.